At DNA3, it’s not enough to simply look good, we also want to be good. That’s why we’ve included design elements, from the Toronto Green Building Standards, that are environmentally-friendly and support a green earth. Through all phases of the development, from design and construction, to operation and maintenance – the sustainable building practices at DNA3 help ensure minimal impact on the environment.

Interior finishing products, such as paints and sealants, with low levels of volatile organic compounds will ensure minimal emissions and better indoor air quality. Individual suite electrical metering will help control energy costs by allowing for individual occupant energy management. In-suite controls will allow occupants to adjust their indoor environment to suit their individual preferences. Double-glazed, Low-E windows help increase energy efficiency. Energy Star rated appliances will be included to reduce energy consumption. Dual flush toilets will help reduce water consumption and save on water heating costs. Environmentally friendly and renewable finishing materials such as wood flooring will be available as standard items for purchaser selection.

An environmentally friendly and aesthetically attractive, “living green” roof will work to help reduce the heat island effect in the city, lower heating and cooling costs within the building, and provide additional outdoor space for the residents. High efficiency central boilers for heating and domestic hot water will reduce energy consumption. Pumps that circulate the heating and cooling fluids throughout the building will incorporate more sophisticated controls and variable speed motors designed to use less energy. Energy efficient light fixtures in corridors and other common areas will help reduce costs and frequent maintenance. Convenient bicycle parking will help promote alternative transportation and encourage a reduction in fossil fuel use.